Coir mats are a fun and stylish way to add an air of distinction to exterior doorways and mudrooms. With a stiff fibre composition, coir matting is extremely effective in stopping dirt and moisture. Backed by durable rubber, coir mats deliver non-stick safety. The mats are easily cleaned by vacuum or simple stick beating.

High-traffic entryways can be a challenge to keep clean. A quality coir mat will protect the underlying floor and environment from dirt, moisture and general wear. Smart home owners recognise the value offered by the investment in a well-constructed coir mat.

Our coir matting solutions are suitable for home and commercial use. Crafted of natural, environmentally friendly materials, these products are perfect for anyone looking to go green. Coir matting preserves and extends the life of underlying decking and flooring.

Coir Matting UK offers coir mats in a variety of sizes and shapes for use in indoor and outdoor environments. Available in a natural colour, customers will find affordably priced merchandising fitting their every need.